Andres Monroy

Andres is a Colombian/Spanish business development consultant passionate about identifying and solving problems before they become real issues. Always ready for challenges to helping clients drive improvement in maximizing offer ROI and sales structure for growth. With hundreds of lessons learned throughout his business trajectory across the US and the UK, he has developed a critical eye, for looking to innovating solutions when bringing new ideas to the table, becoming more creative targeting the specific market fit and finding long-lasting business clientele. Recently entering the European market, he has been able to identify weaknesses in many business organizations in the Eurozone at the time to find prospects with an 80% turnover in sales closing.

Andres´s specialties include:

  • Improving lead generation quality & sales delivery effectiveness
  • Creating a unique sales proposition as a competitive advantage & product-market fit improvement
  • Developing high performance inbound & outbound sales strategies
  • Implementing sales management tools for automating sales process
  • Using human capital as a sales tool
  • Introducing customer retention process for quality assurance improvement

Quote: “If you stop now you’re a half way of getting that ‘YES’ in the next call”.


Andres Monroy

Work and Live from a Cruise Ship

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