Lorena Santana

Lorena is a Spanish Entrepreneur with a background of over 15 years in the tourism and hospitality field, both on land and in cruise ships.

After Erasmus, she decides to improve her German by going to work as an Accountant in Munich. She then decides to return to Spain where she embarks on a successful career in the hospitality business, where she gradually climbs the hierarchies, becoming Hotel Director in one of the major world powers in the river cruises area, i.e Uniworld. In 2017 she decides to get back to Canary Islands and joins the “Hamilton y Cia” team, starting as “Crew Coordinator”, working in close co-operation with the Visa Department to ensure that all visas, work permits, etc., are obtained in due time, after which goes to “Shore Excursion Coordinator” creating a luxury and exclusive program for the Residents onboard.

At the end of 2018 she decided to “get back to earth” and start its own business.
Thus was born Hola CREW, the company through which Lorena ensures companies of the river cruises sector, staff of the highest level while offering an equally high level support service to its “recruits”.

The first successes did not take long to arrive and in 2019 Lorena is selected to participate in the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) that the United States Embassy and Heroikka organized in Gran Canaria where Hola CREW was awarded in a ranking of 6 Women Entrepreneurs among the 60 participants.

The 2019 season brings her further satisfactions in the business life and manages with Hola CREW to place dozens of high-level workers in the various cruise lines with which she collaborates, thus gaining notoriety in the sector.

2020 begins with new partnerships and new ideas/initiatives for its business, proposing to achieve at least 50% more results than the previous year.


Lorena Santana



Work and Live from a Cruise Ship

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