Benefits For a Job Onboard a River Cruise

Working on river cruises is in many ways very similar to working on sea or ocean cruise lines. The work schedules are 7 days per week, the hours are long, the work can be difficult but, as it is the case with ocean cruise lines, there are tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. 


  • Organized and paid travel arrangements to get on board the ship during your first embarkation day
  • Compensation paid for all hours worked above your contractually agreed one (depending on the company) 
  • You are offered a seamless holiday rotation working between 6 to 14 weeks onboard (depending on the company) followed by 2 weeks paid vacation leave ( tips are not included during this period) 
  • Tips are paid cash on board or added in your payroll  (depending on the company)
  • You are granted a lump sum for your travel expenses after each holiday
  • Internal training and development programs provided
  • Free housing onboard with shared accommodation (Except Hotel Manager)
  • Free meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • During your entire contract, you are fully insured with health, accident and social insurance
  • Swiss, French or Cyprus contracts
If you are looking for river cruise jobs in Europe you can Apply online in our website.


TODAY is your OPPORTUNITY to build the TOMORROW you WANT.

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