How to make your CV in English?

Studies have shown that actually revealed that typically employers invest simply 7 seconds looking at a CV prior to making a decision whether a candidate is suitable for the duty. First impressions are consequently crucial to success, so here are five easy yet reliable ways that you can make your CV stick out from the group!

1. Start strong

Start with a summary of your skills as well as crucial accomplishments. This will draw in the employer and also order their focus from the outset. This personal account is an integral part of your CV and also informs the employer precisely who you are, so you wish to make the right perception.

2. Emphasize results rather than responsibilities

Instead of just listing your past responsibilities, make your CV stand out by emphasizing your results, using quantifiable data to show your accomplishments. 

3. Customize for the job you want

Respond directly to the job description and explain exactly why you are the candidate for the role. You can do this by relating your accomplishments to the elements of the job role.

4. Highlight changes and growth

In your CV you should focus on your personal development. Show how you have grown and changed in your roles, and the accomplishments you have achieved. This will show the recruiter that you have learnt a lot from your past positions, and that you are committed to learning and expanding your skill set.

5. Show industry insight

An awareness of the industry you are applying for will show the recruiter that you have the ability to stay on top of trends. You will be a lot more attractive to employers if you are able to demonstrate knowledge of the industry, so make sure you are up to date with any news and industry changes. This will also help you if you reach the interview stage.

Make here your own CV !

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